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SMD Resistors Description

DIRECT Electronics SMD(Surface Mounted Devices) Chip Resistors - AR, FCR, RCA, RCN Series are full lines conform to the RoHS directives.
RCA SMD Array Chip Resistor is more advancement in mounting density than individual chip resistors. RCN SMD Network Chip Resistor is excellent in stability and electrical characteristics with relative low TCR. PR Thin Film SMD Anti-Corrosive Chip Resistors features special passivated NiCr film for Anti-Acid and Anti-Damp with very tight tolerance. AR SMD Precision Chip Resistors are ideal for high-accuracy designs where board space is limited. Features thin film TaN & Ni/Cr resistor, low TCR. FCR SMD Thick Film Chip Resistors features small size and light weight, excellent heah resistance and weather resistance, and suitable for both flow and reflow solderings.

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