ZO and JW Series are developed for the interconnection device Between points on a P.C. Board as jumper wires or Crossovers. Token offer a quick solution to the following problems, (1) Inability to connect two points on a P.C. Board due To other circuit paths which must be crossed over. (2) An After the fact design the requires new point connections. (3) Circuit tuning by changing point connections. Zero ohms are especially suited for automatic machine insertion.
zero,ohm,jumper wire

ZO General Specification
Anti-Surge Resistors
Type Rating Dimension (mm)
L Max. D Max. H ± 3 d+0.02-0.04
ZO - 1/8 0.125W 4.2 2.0 28 0.5
ZO- 1/4 0.25W 6.8 2.5 28 0.5

JW General Specification
wirewound resistor
Type L±1 d+0.02 -0.04 H P
ZW-A 61.5 0.5 3 - 10 5 - 30
ZW-B 61.5 0.6 3 - 10 5 - 30

Electrical Performance
Requirements Characteristics
Maximum Resistance 0.05Ω
Lead Material tin-plead copper
Body Material Electrical grade, high performance molding compound
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage Atomspheric-500V RMS, Reduced-325V RMS
Insulation Flammability Resistor Insulation is self extinguishing within 10
seconds after externally applied flame is removed.
Current Rating 25 AMPS at 25°C, dreading to 0 AMPS at 150°C

How to Order
ZO-1/4 0.25W TB
Part Number
Rated Power
P Bulk
TB Taping Box

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