XT MJ/MB Series are band reject device used for video and sound IF attenuation. The 2 terminal XT MJ Series can be used to attenuate either the sound signal in B/W receivers or the chroma signal in video.
XT MJ for Chrominance Carrier ( Murata TPS MJ Series Compatible ) 3.58 MHz ~ 6.5 MHz

XT MJ Series Technical Characteristics
Center Frequency
(at fo1)(dB)min
20dB Attenuation BW
XT3.58MJ 3.580 20 20
XT4.43MJ 4.430 20 40
XT4.5MJ 4.500 20 40
XT5.5MJ 5.500 20 40
XT5.74MJ 5.742 20 40
XT6.0MJ 6.000 20 40
XT6.5MJ 6.500 20 40
  • The level at 1MHz shall be made for a reference (0dB).

XT MJ Series Dimensions
ceramic,trap filters,murata,tps,mj

XT MJ Series Test Circuit

XT MJ Series Characteristics

How to Order
XT3.58MJ P
Part Number

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