JTC consists of wide band piezoelectric resonator. It is ideal for mobile communication equipments due to its small size and light weight. Standard line include products for wide range of application, from cordless telecom to cellular telephone, making non-adjustment and shrinking of the detection Ceramic Discriminator for Communication - JTC Series circuit possible.

1. Small in size and light weight.
2. Realize no-adjustment in detection circuit.
3. High sensitivity and stability.
4. Wide range of standard products are available for various ICs.
5. Operating temperature range: -20 to +80 ( °C )
Storage temperature range: -40 to +85 ( °C )
JTC for Communication ( Murata CDBC Compatible ) 455kHz

JTC Series for Communication Dimensions
ceramic discriminators,murata,cdb,cdbc,cdbm

JTC Series for Communication Technical Characteristics
Center Frequency
Recovered Audio
3dB BW
Recovered Audio
Distortion Factor
(At fo)
Applicable IC
JTC455C24 455±2 ±4.0 100±40 2.0 TA31136
JTC455C28 455±2 ±4.0 40±20 3.0 TA31142
JTC455C29 455±2 ±4.0 125±30 2.5 NE605
JTC455C32 455±2 ±4.0 40±20 3.0 TA31143
JTC455C49 455±2 ±4.0 45±20 3.0 MC3361
JTC455C50 455±2 ±4.0 65±20 4.0 CXA3117N

How to Order
JTC455C24 TR
Part Number
Package (TR:Taping Reel)

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