DIRECT Electronics that provides super low resistance (2mΩ ~) and suitable for high power AC/DC detection of power supply circuit. All low ohmic power type are non-inductive type and custom-made products.

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CURRENT SENSING, OPEN AIR, LOW OHMIC- Download Entire Products Catalogue, PDF file (367KB).
Type Wattage
Thin Film Chip Type - TCS Series

Thin Film Current Sensing TCS Chip Resistor features low TCR from ±50ppm ~ ±200ppm, resistance values from 50m ohms to 999m ohms, very tight tolerance from ±0.5% to ±1%, and high purity alumina substrate for high power dissipation.

TCS Series - PDF (157KB)

SMD 1/16 ~ 3W
Chip Type - CS Series

Chip Current Sensing CS Resistor features low TCR from ±100ppm~±600ppm, resistance values from 10m ohms to 1 ohms, and high purity alumina substrate for high power dissipation.

CS Series - PDF (251KB)

SMD 1/16 ~ 2W
Low Inductance Power Type - BWL Series

Proprietary processing technique produces extremely low resistance values. Axial moulded type, Low inductance. Excellent load life stability.

BWL Series - PDF (367KB)

DIP 0.5 ~ 10W
Open Air Power Type - LRA Series

Low ohmic resistors are non-inductive, custom-made products, and suitable for high power AC/DC detection of power supply circuit design.

LRA Series - PDF (343KB)

DIP 0.5 ~ 1.5W
Ultra Low Resistance Wire Power Type - LRB Series

Open Air Resistors are current detective for power supply circuit, easy soldering, low resistance, and low inductance.

LRB Series - PDF (320KB)

DIP Max. 4.5A
Chip Type - LRC Series

Current Sensing Chip Resistor (SMD) products covers low TCR ±50, 100ppm, resistance values from 1m ohms to 10m ohms, and high power dissipation.

LRC Series - PDF (367KB)

SMD 1 ~ 3W
Metal Element Current Sense Resistor - OAR Series

Token's "tight pitch" version of its open air metal element current sense resistor (OAR) need less PCB space.

OAR Series - PDF (367KB)

DIP 1 ~ 5W
Current Shunts - FL Series

A wide range of precision shunts, designed for use with kilowatt-hour meters and other high-current applications where a high level of accuracy is required, is now available from Token Electronics. Precision current shunts are low resistance resistors used to measure AC or DC electrical currents by the voltage drop those currents create across the resistance. Sometimes called an ammeter shunt, it is a type of current sensor.

FL Series - PDF (367KB)

DIP 5A ~ 10000A
Kelvin 4-Terminal Resistor - LSQ Series

Direct Electronics' Kelvin style (LSQ) current sensing 4-terminal resistor family handles high-wattage applications. Providing ultralow resistance values (to 0.01 ohm) for relatively high current requirements, new four-lead cement filling resistor from Direct Electonics combine the advantages of a Kelvin configuration with PC board mounting capability.

LSQ Series - PDF (367KB)

DIP 3W ~ 15W
4-Lead Resistor Kelvin Connection - LRD Series

Always preferred in current sense applications, Token's Kelvin LRD Four Lead Resistor range is available in the 1W, 3W, 5W, 7W and 10W packages, resistance values down to 0.001 ohm, with tolerances as tight as 0.50% and TCRs of 50ppm standard.

LRD Series - PDF (367KB)

DIP 1W ~ 10W
4T/2T Current Sense for Shunt - LPS Series

Direct's (LPS) Offers more options for current sense applications Low Ohm Resistors - LPS Open Air Series The (LPS) is a current sensing solution with Four-Terminal and Two-Terminal options that was developed with a low TCR to meet demands for new and stable resistive product solutions in the industry today.

LPS Series - PDF (367KB)

DIP 1W ~ 5W
Extra Precision Low Value Resistor - NE Series

NE Moulding ultra precision Series meets MIL-PRF-55182 and GJB244A-2001 quality standards with low temperature coefficient PPM and ultra low resistance range.

NE Series - PDF (331KB)

DIP 0.25W ~ 1W

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